RELiON 12V 20A LiFePO4 Lithium

The RB20 is the most versatile, compact and powerful lithium battery on the market.  It's the perfect combination of size and capacity to fit many applications including, fishing electronics, solar lighting, remote power, outdoor adventures, and other deep cycle applications.

Lithium Iron Posphate - LiFePO4 - is the safest lithium chemistry produced.  It is less reactive if abused, has a higher temperature tolerance and can be operated up to 650C.

RELiON lithium batteries have a better performance at higher temperatures due to higher lithium ionic conductivity, giving you the excellent thermal stability and termal runaway at 2700C.  They also feature an internal Power Control Board (PCB) or external Battery Management System (BMS) for higher watt systems.

Features and Benefits

  • Safer Product - RELiON is made with stainless-steel cell cases and contains a termal fuse for protection.
  • Longer Life Span - RELiON batteries offer up to 10 times the life span compared to lead acid alternatives, it may outlast the original application.
  • Faster Charging - With the capacity to charge with two charging stages, absorbtion and trickle, lithium batteries take much less time to charge.
  • Light weight - Approximately one-third of the weight of lead acid alternatives.
  • Consistent Power Delivery - Lithium batteries offer a higher usable capacity, meaning you get more hours of use between charging.


Part number: RB20
Amp Hours: 20Ah
Voltage: 12.8V

Dimensions: (LxWxTH) 181mm x 76mm x 169mm
Weight: 2.55Kg


Note: * Clearance item - limited supplies. * Weights may vary +/- 5%


Brand Relion

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