Do's and Don'ts with your battery.

Do's and Don'ts with your battery. main image Do's and Don'ts with your battery. image

Battery Do's

  • Think safety first; wear safety goggle and gloves when changing batteries.
  • Do regular inspection and maintenance, especially in hot weather.
  • Recharge batteries immediately after discharge or at least the same day.
  • Fully charge a battery before it goes into storage.
  • Always use batteries of identical make, model and manufacturing code.
  • Make sure the battery cable is not undersized for the battery system.


Battery Don'ts

  • Never add new electrolyte (battery acid), use distilled water.
  • Don't use unregulated high output battery chargers to charge batteries, especially AGM and Gel batteries.
  • Don't put your equipment or toys (jet skis, vintage cars etc) into storage without some form of maintenance charger.
  • Don't disconnect battery cables while the engine is running (your battery acts as a filter).
  • Don't put off recharging your batteries.
  • Don't add tap water, as it may contain minerals that may contaminate the electrolyte.
  • Don't discharge the battery deeper than you possibly have to.
  • Don't let a battery get hot to the touch and boil violently when charging.
  • Don't mix size and type of batteries in battery banks.


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