Full River HC Range


Experience Unparalleled Performance with Fullriver HC Series AGM Batteries

Elevate your power solutions with the cutting-edge Fullriver HC Series, featuring advanced Absorbent Glass Mat (AGM) technology. This revolutionary dual-purpose battery brings you the best of both worlds, offering spill-proof, high-performance capabilities that redefine your expectations.

Unleash Unmatched Power

Fullriver HC defies limits, delivering extraordinary cranking power, even surpassing conventional starting batteries with an impressive 2250 crank amps for 5 seconds at 25°C. Its AGM construction, composed of high-purity lead, enables rapid recharging, granting you more usable power than traditional deep-cycle alternatives. Experience peak performance with the Fullriver HC Range, built to endure and conquer life's challenges.

Versatile Excellence for Every Need

Crafted with a non-spillable AGM design, the Fullriver HC range guarantees safety and corrosion resistance, making it the perfect choice for motorsports, classic cars, performance and racing vehicles, or off-road applications. These batteries excel in starting engines that demand top-tier cranking performance at low temperatures, while also catering to high cranking applications. Benefit from minimal resistance design for maximum output and enjoy their low self-discharge feature, ideal for both starting and cycling demands.

Revolutionized Look, Unchanged Reliability

Featuring a sleek new design in black casings with enhanced product information, the Fullriver HC series stands out, reflecting its high cycle, high cranking, and high-performance prowess. Rest assured, these batteries come from Fullriver Batteries, a globally renowned manufacturer celebrated for exceptional quality and reliability.

Unleash Unrivaled Features & Benefits

  • Non-spillable AGM construction
  • Corrosion resistance for lasting performance
  • Motorsports application readiness
  • Mountable in various orientations
  • Low-profile sizes for compact spaces
  • Low self-discharge, ensuring readiness
  • Low resistance design for optimal starting and cycling
  • High-rate discharge for powerful current delivery
  • Deep-discharge with swift recovery for rapid recharge acceptance

Endless Possibilities with Fullriver HC

Ideal for performance vehicles, extreme racing, and powersports, the Fullriver HC series guarantees uncompromised safety and superior performance. Its dual-purpose capabilities make it suitable for both starting and deep-cycling tasks, powering car audio accessories, commercial or heavy-duty vehicles, as well as marine and boating applications.

Elevate your power experience with Fullriver HC Series AGM batteries and seize unmatched capabilities for your high-performance journey.


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