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Replacement NBN Backup Battery

Not all NBN connections are installed with a battery backup, but it is a popular option that can by used both in the home and office.  This is a uninteruptted power supply that will continue to power your landline and internet for up to 5 hours should the power to the premises be interupted.  Within this backup system is a small but powerful fully sealed non-spillable battery.  

When it's time to replace the battery, you will see a red light apperar next to the 'Replace Battery' marker on the nbn connection box.  You will also hear na alarm tone, which will beep every 15 minutes to indicate your battery need replacing.  Four beeps per minute means there;s less than half of the battery charge remaining.

What battery do you need?

At Battery Solutions Network we recommend the Predator ES1272.

For more information in regards to the NBN power supply battery back up, please use the following links:

NBN Fibre User Guide - PDF

NBN Battery Backup Specification - PDF



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