Why Motobatt Quadflex?

Motobatt batteries are built with an innovative internal "power balanced" design that has been developed to overcome the issues of older designs in motorcycle batteries.  Many claims are made by different manufacturers about cranking capacity; in fact, there is little to be gained from a battery that cranks harder than what is required to start your bike.  In battery design there is always a trade-off.  Since physical battery size is limited by the application and case size, the more cranking power you have the less Amp hour capacity you get and vice versa.  The key is to "balance" the design to offer maximum Ah and CCA's to properly power all of your "thirsty" OE and aftermarket accessories.


Motobatt has improved on conventional designs by packing as much lead into their batteries in the smartest way possible.  Many low-cost batteries are only cheaper for one reason; they have less lead in them.  These types of batteries can and will likely leave you stranded!  The Motobatt patented "Quad Flex" terminal design also creates a shorter current path to the battery cable resulting in quicker power delivery to the starter and improving starting ability.  And in many applications provides improved, safer fitment for additional accessory leads through supplementary terminal location.


Motobatt being a premium Absorbed Glass Mat battery is superior by design.  AGM batteries have been used in demanding military, industrial and off-road applications for many years.  The sealed, glass mat design has many longevities and reliability-based benefits.  Each plate in the battery is wrapped in fibrous glass matting which not only absorbs all liquid electrolyte but keeps the plates separate in a cushioned environment.  This stops the plates from vibrating which can breakdown the plate and cause short circuits between the plates or break plate welds which result in battery failure.  The thick, heavy plates used in Motobatt designs really make a difference here.


AGM batteries also have a much lower inherent self-discharge rate than wet flooded types.  And, as a higher amp hour AGM battery, the Motobatt battery can also discharge more deeply and recover repeatedly under vehicle alternator charge of through maintenance charging.  A standard flooded cell battery in not capable of withstanding this type of cycling, without pre-mature failure.


Your Motobatt is a factory activated battery.  It comes to you pre-conditioned and fully charged for optimum performance and ready to install out of the box.  80% of flooded wet motorcycle battery failure is caused by faulty activation of the dry battery plates.  Additionally, you never have to mess with acid of top up fluid levels of remove corrosion from the terminals caused by gassing, common with standard flooded battery types.


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