Intelli-Charge Lithium 12V 25A 5 Stage Battery Charger

Featuring world class 5 stage charging technology specifically designed for use with lithium batteries. This powerful advanced automatic charger can handle the biggest of tasks being designed for the battery banks often found in caravans and marine applications.


  • Lithium Specific
    • Designed to get the very best from your lithium batteries
  • 5 Stage Technology
    • Delivers a tailored charging algorithm to maximise battery performance and life
  • Adjustable Output
    • Suits a wide range of different size batteries and capacities
  • Power Supply Mode
    • Delivers a consistant power supply when charging or can run 12V appliances
  • Polarity Protected
    • Protection from hook up mistakes.


  • Application: 5 Stage Automatic Battery Charger
  • Input Voltage: 240VAC, 50Hz, 450W
  • Output Current: 12V - 2A, 6A, 12A, 25A
  • Minimum Start Voltage: 1.0V
  • Approvals: Electrical Safety, EMC
  • Charge Voltage: 14.5V


Brand Projecta